Beaches and coastlines

The Central Coast has about 80 kilometres of coastline, but the pressures on its resources is significant, both from humans and the forces of nature. Find out about the challenges facing our community.

Coastal zone management

The Central Coast coastline stretches from Frazer Beach in the north to Patonga in the south. Council has prepared a number of plans in place to manage coastal hazards and protect our coastline.

Estuaries, lagoons and wetlands

Estuaries, lagoons and wetlands are dynamic, living entities and an important part of the natural environment. Council is working with government bodies, industry and local communities to preserve these areas.

Monitoring Our Coastlines

CoastSnap is a global citizen science project to capture our changing coastlines. No matter where you are in the world, if you have a smartphone and an interest in the coast, we welcome you to participate!
Last updated : Thu 25 Jun 2020