Delivery Program and Operational Plan

Central Coast Council’s Delivery Program is Council’s commitment to deliver the activities included in the Community Strategic Plan . Each financial year, an Operational Plan and annual budget sets out the individual projects and actions to be undertaken in a year and includes financial estimates and performance indicators, details of the capital works program and the Schedule of Fees and Charges. Progress and performance are monitored throughout the year, and outlined in quarterly and annual reports. Together, these documents link to the Community Strategic Plan and demonstrate Council’s commitment to delivering One – Central Coast.


Our budget for 2020/21 puts the community and the local economy first as we deliver essential services, plan for recovery, build community resilience and look toward the future.

Overall, $564.3 million will be invested in delivery of services and $225 million capital works for the growing Central Coast community, ensuring that the coast remains a great liveable region now and into the future.

Our priorities are getting the economy moving through creating local supplier opportunities and major infrastructure progressing; ongoing investment in open space for our community to enjoy a healthy lifestyle; supporting our community to be strong and resilient, and finalising some big strategic plans about climate change action planning, and environmental management.  Additionally, we will ensure all our residents can access high quality services for childcare, library and learning support and enjoy arts and recreation facilities.

Budget highlights are:

  • $17.4 million - Open space and recreation improvements across the suburbs
  • $59.8 million - Roads, transport and drainage
  • $80.8 million - Water supply and sewer infrastructure
  • $8.5 million - Waste services and business development
  • $2.7 million - Libraries, learning and education
  • $5.3 million - Environmental management
  • $1.2 million - Energy management.

Operating Plan 2020-21:

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Last updated : Mon 7 Dec 2020