Policies are principles that guide the decisions and actions of Council. Once adopted by Council, policies make up an essential part of Council’s management.

You will find our list of policies by policy topic in alphabetical order here. We are continuing to streamline all policies and thank you for your patience. Policies from the former Gosford City and Wyong Shire Councils still apply in their respective former Local Government Areas, until a new policy is adopted for the Central Coast Council region.

Contributions for Bonus Subdivisions in Zone No 7(c2) pursuant to Clause 18 of the Interim Development Order No 122 Policy

Council Owned Community Facilities Policy For Waiving Construction Certificate Principal Certifying Authority Fees

Delegations Register

Procurement Policy

Procurement Policy

Setback Policy Creeks, Rivers & Lagoons Policy

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Last updated : Wed 13 Nov 2019