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Central Coast First Nations Accord

The Central Coast First Nations Accord was adopted by Council on 13 December 2022.

It is an important step on the journey of Reconciliation and developing a shared vision for our future with our local First Nations people. The Accord is a commitment to the First Nations People that Council will not only continue to support the principles of cooperation, but also listen to history and support Aboriginal people to realise their future. 

The commitments in the Accord align with and deliver against the Priority Reform areas within the National Agreement on Closing the Gap. 

The Central Coast local government area is one of the largest and fastest growing Aboriginal communities in Australia. This population grew by 38% in the last Census reporting period, with significant growth expected into the future. Unfortunately, Aboriginal people still experience higher levels of disadvantage than that of non-Indigenous people. 

The main focus of the Accord is to define how we can listen to and work with Aboriginal people to realise their future and improve their quality of life. 

An important commitment of the Accord is the establishment of a broad based Aboriginal Advisory Committee to help guide the implementation of our commitments in a collaborative manner, ensuring the views and aspirations of our local First Nations community can be adequately considered. 

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