Forms and publications

All forms and applications

From renovation applications, to wedding celebrations and everything between. Find the forms you need to help you get things done.

Annual reports

Our annual reports show you how we’re performing against the goals and achievements outlined in the Strategic Community Plans. These reports include audited financial reports.

Community Strategic Plan

One – Central Coast, Community Strategic Plan 2018-2028 is a 10 year plan developed by Council but it isn’t Council’s plan. It was developed through engagement with the community to help set the priorities and ...

Delivery and Operational Plan

Central Coast Council’s Delivery Program sets out what Council will undertake over three years. The Operational Plan and annual budget addresses the range of Council operations and details individual projects that ...

Plans of Management

All community land is subject to a plan of management which determines how it can be used.


Policies are principles that guide the decisions and actions of Council. Once adopted by Council, policies make up an essential part of Council’s management. You will find our list of policies by policy topic in ...

Strategies and plans

Our key plans and strategies outline how we'll tackle the challenges of the future.
Last updated : Tue 30 Jun 2020