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Council continues to gather customer feedback on water and sewer services
Central Coast Council staff members wearing high visibility in a Water and Sewer branded marquee in the community

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Central Coast Council is continuing with community engagement, seeking feedback from residents and businesses about their water and sewer services.

Customers can share their feedback on water and sewer customer values, desired service outcomes, and Council’s water and sewer pricing proposal. This feedback will help to shape and inform Council’s submission to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) in 2025, impacting the 2026-2031 pricing Determination.

Community engagement activities are informative and collaborative experiences and are an important part of Council's Water and Sewer Community Engagement and Education Strategy and 2022-2026 Water and Sewer Delivery Plan. This work ensures that our customers are at the centre of Water and Sewer planning, reporting and the upcoming pricing submission.

In this engagement phase, we have already held our first Deliberative Forum at Gosford. We have launched an online survey and started our series of twelve pop-up engagement stalls across the Coast. The Pop-up stalls are a great opportunity for the community to speak directly with Council staff and share feedback about their water and sewer services.

Central Coast business owners can register to give feedback about their water and sewer values and requirements through participation in a workshop on 9 July. Council’s top 100 water users are also invited to participate in one of two workshops on 2 and 9 July. 

Creatives and young people can express their views about Council’s water and sewer services through a ‘A Very Short Film’ short video competition. 

Council is committed to providing a customer-focused, sustainable water future for the Central Coast. Community participation is a key part of keeping customers at the centre of Council’s water and sewer service provision. The various engagement platforms in this engagement phase provide fantastic opportunities for customers and community members to be active participants and provide valuable feedback about their water and sewer services.

To learn more, submit your feedback or register to attend an event, search 'water and sewer' at 

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