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Central Coast vision for Gosford to become an iconic waterfront city

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Gosford, a principal city creating opportunities for the region.

Get involved in community consultation around a new concept plan involving the opportunity for Gosford to join the great waterfronts of the world.

The key to making sure the Central Coast thrives is for Gosford City to thrive. An attractive waterfront location, supporting  recreation, tourism, business and accommodation is central to making that happen.  

Engage in a plan for the city to build a waterfront that brings promise, and opportunity for everyone, supporting the growth of this great city for generations. 

With this vision, Gosford will join the great waterfronts of the world and sustainably support the region’s 2040 growth expectations.

Waterfronts of the world vision 

The time is right for a collective vision to make Gosford an iconic waterfront city. To do so, Central Coast Council is inviting you to reimagine Gosford’s waterfront as not only a major opportunity for the city’s renewal but even better, an undisputed opportunity for Gosford City to join the great waterfronts of the world.

Located on Brisbane Water, Gosford is surrounded by nature, boasting captivating vistas along the banks for cultural placemaking where people want to live, work, play and learn, with promising opportunities for transport, maritime, and the tourism industries as a destination for visitors and locals to venture with much to discover.

This Gosford waterfront concept plan shows a Gosford City reimagined to spark social activity and interaction from the community in shaping a waterfront city that will put the Central Coast on the map, welcoming visitors to the region, delivering greater connectivity, attracting culturally significant events, and enhanced living. 

For the Central Coast to thrive we need to fulfill the needs of everyone who lives here. Creating multi-use, attractive, lively public spaces will see people of all ages and backgrounds want to gather, be part of the community and keep coming back well into the future. 

In this vision, Gosford meets all the qualities of the great waterfronts of the world that are resilient, connected, vibrant, lively, and where local identity is showcased. 

Why the time is right

Several major government and non-government projects proposed to revitalise Gosford City are working their way through the planning process.

  • Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 - Gosford is the region’s principal city, with a key priority to undertake and integrate precinct planning for the waterfront, arts and entertainment, city core, railway and hospital precinct.
  • Greater Cities Plan - Gosford is the principal city and centre of innovation on the Central Coast.
  • Other investment - Gosford is the chosen city for the proposed new university and TAFE campuses, upgrades to the stadium, development of the regional library, and the NSW Government’s faster train proposal.
  • NSW Government’s Urban Design Framework for Gosford - to create three distinct but linked places including a ‘civic heart’, ‘city north’ and ‘city south’. This project supports the creation of this vision for a revitalised Gosford CBD.

Gosford waterfront is the place to start to secure the above investments – strongly linked to the identity and history of this great city.


Gosford City is reimagined to spark social activity and interaction and put the Central Coast on the map, welcoming visitors to the region, delivering greater connectivity, attracting culturally significant events, and enhancing liveability. It’s a Global City with a premiere waterfront.

The Gosford waterfront is a place for people: a vibrant urban foreshore with high quality public domain spaces, entertainment, maritime services, tourism, and residential living.

With the vision for the Gosford waterfront being presented through this concept plan, set to undergo several consultation phases, Council aims to create a shared vision for the waterfront that supports NSW Government investment to bring that vision to fruition. 

Have Your Say from October 18 2022

Gosford City waterfront can set a wonderful benchmark for how to achieve placemaking that is vibrant, viable, and sustainable.

There are three major areas for development proposed in this vision of the Gosford Waterfront

  1. Waterfront (items 1-9)
  2. Urban domain (items 10-13)
  3. Stadium (14-21).

These placemaking items on the waterfront are among several of Gosford City’s infrastructure, residential and commercial plans to renew the City involving both government and non-government entities, scheduled to be delivered over stages.

Get involved at through drop-in information sessions, share your ideas on interactive concept plans and submit your feedback.

Stakeholder Consultation 

Central Coast Council will continue working with various local and state government bodies and authorities to gauge their interest and understand their requirements including Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council, Greater Cities Commission, Crown Lands, TAFE and University of Newcastle.

Council Meeting

Council put forward a resolution on the 27th September 2022 which advocated a preferred option to be adopted in developing a business case for State Government funding. Download the adopted concept plan for Gosford waterfront.  

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