Council structure

Central Coast Council’s organisation structure is led by the Chief Executive Officer and made up of ten directorates. They are Connected Communities, Environment and Planning, Office of the Chief Executive, Finance and Information Management and Technology, People and Culture, Governance, Innovation and Futures, Water and Sewer and Roads Transport Drainage and Waste.

Our Executive Management Team make day-to-day decisions on operational matters that comply with Council’s policies and procedures.


The information on this page may not be correct during this unprecedented health event. Essential services are still being provided to the community, however many Council services and programs have been placed on hold while facilities and some open spaces are closed.
Our COVID-19 information area details all impacts to Council services, facilities and programs as well as the local response to coronavirus.

Chief Executive Officer

Gary Murphy, CEO


Director (vacant)

  • Business Enterprise
  • Procurement and projects
  • Governance and Business Services
  • Legal

People and Culture

Krystie Bryant, Executive Manager

  • People Planning and Operations
  • Business Partnering and Employment relations

Connected Communities

Julie Vaughan, Director

  • Community Engagement
  • Community Partnerships
  • Libraries Learning and Education
  • Leisure and Lifestyle
  • Facilities and Asset Management
  • Leasing and Asset Management

Environment and Planning

Scott Cox, Director

  • Development Assessment
  • Environment and Certification
  • Strategic Planning
  • Natural and Environmental Assets
  • Waterways and Coastal Protection
  • Open Space and Recreation
  • Business Support and Systems


Craig Norman, Chief Financial Officer

  • Financial Services
  • Financial Performance
  • Plant and Fleet

Information Management and Technology

Mark Margin, Acting Chief Information Officer

  • Digital Information Services
  • Technology and Customer Service
  • Office of the Chief Technology Officer
  • Core Systems Consolidation Program

Roads Transport Drainage and Waste

Boris Bolgoff, Director

  • Waste Services and Business Development
  • Roads Business Development and Technical Services
  • Roads Construction and Project Management
  • Roads Asset Planning and Design
  • Roads Maintenance and Asset Evaluation

Water and Sewer

Jamie Loader, Director

  • Water Technical Services
  • Water Construction and Project Management
  • Water Planning and Development
  • Water Assets and Facilities Management

Innovation and Futures

Ricardo Martello, Executive Manager

  • Corporate Strategy and Performance
  • Economic Development and Project Delivery
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Last updated : Tue 31 Mar 2020