Yellowfin Bream and Tarwhine

(Acanthopagrus australis) and (Rhabdosargus sarba)
Yellowfin Bream
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Best Times/ Seasons

In winter Yellowfin Bream and Tarwhine can be found in deeper water in sandy and rocky areas. In summer they prefer shallow water in sandy areas.


Yellowfin Bream and Tarwhine prefer areas that have seagrass next to large structures like bridge pylons out of fast moving water.


Small prawns or soft body lures are best to catch Yellowfin Bream and Tarwhine; however they are not fussy eaters and can be caught on most types of bait. It is best to take a variety of bait types and see what works best on the day. Chicken gut, bread, prawns and fish are good options.


Polluted water is a major threat to Yellowfin Bream and Tarwhine as this can cause a decline in their populations and the food they eat. Increased turbidity prevents the seagrass from being able to grow and therefore reducing the available habitat for Yellowfin Bream and Tarwhine.

Responsible Fishing

Do not fish near bird feeding and nesting areas. This can spook the birds and they may not return to their nests.

Other Information

Only use light line, light sinkers and small hooks when bait fishing. Best times are just before sunrise or just as the sun is going down. If using a boat, small and quiet is better.



Last updated : Fri 5 Jul 2019