Black Swan

(Cygnus atratus)
Isabel Wilson

Best Times/ Seasons

All year round.


The Black Swan prefers larger waterways and permanent wetlands. The Tuggerah Lakes are a key breeding habitat because it offers calm closed water with a large amount of available food. Outside the breeding season, Black Swans travel quite large distances. Birds fly at night and rest during the day with other swans.


The Black Swan is a vegetarian. Their diet consists of algae and weeds. They are able to gather this by plunging their long neck into water up to 1m deep. They are also known to graze on land sometimes but prefer to feed in the water as they are clumsy walkers.

Other Information

The Tuggerah Lakes is normally home to 1,500 Black Swans at any one time. However, during drought times throughout other parts Australia, the Black Swan population in Tuggerah Lakes can climb to 6,500 birds due to the permeant water supply and available habitat of this area.


Last updated : Fri 5 Jul 2019