Your Child's Brain on Music


Your Child's Brain on Music. 
What if every child had music education from birth?

Dr Anita Collins, award-winning educator, researcher and writer, will share her knowledge on why learning is so effective at enhancing brain function - especially in children.  Fresh from the ABC hit series, Don't Stop the Music, Dr Collins is internationally recognised for her unique work in translating neuroscience to parents, teachers and students. 

'Dr Collins' presentation has inspired me to challenge the teachers and administration staff at my school .... It reminded me to continue to be a strong advocate for music education to the parents'.  Music Educator (WA)

'I knew music was important to my students, and that the school seemed to have shifted dramatically since we started the music program - but Dr Collins showed me what was happening, and that is priceless'  School Principal (NSW)


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Thu 24 Jan - 6:00 pm