Jamie MacDowell & Tom Thum


Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum are two honest, unpolished but highly skilled performers, simply doing what they love. Jamie’s brand of heartfelt songwriting and melodic fingerwork is elevated when combined with Tom’s heavy hitting, world-class beatboxing. Armed only with a guitar, a distinctive singing voice and a versatile voicebox able to convey any instrument from a trumpet to drums, this duo is unique: Tom is a one-man orchestra, accompanying his lyrical counterpart Jamie’s beautiful melodies and words. The effect is like nothing you’ve seen or heard before. 

Playing off each other’s talents, Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum are the perfect musical match and their live show is made even stronger by their utterly irresistible charm and wit. Over the last three years, they have spread their music from the Swiss Alps and Berlin Basements, across the Edinburgh Fringe and London to the Cape of Good Hope to Hong Kong.

Coarse language and adult themes. Recommended for mature audiences 15+


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Thu 20 Sep - 7:30 pm