Flute Spirits and the Four Seasons


Flute Spirits & the Four Seasons
The flute: the oldest instrument known to man! In this fascinating concert Jane Rutter plays up to 12 different flutes of Gold, Silver, and Bamboo, including Classical, World Flutes and Whistles. Works include Vivaldi, The Four Seasons, Indian Ragas, Irish melodies, and flute pieces that mystically connect the Australian Dreamtime, Western and Eastern Classical music and the universal appeal of the flute. Flute Spirits evokes flute spirits from around the world with works by Vivaldi, Debussy, Devienne, Vaughan Williams, Irving Berlin, Ross Edwards, Sarah Hopkins, Jane Rutter and traditional Celtic pieces. Linking prose by Rumi, Patrick White, Anaïs Nin



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Wed 10 Apr - 11:00 am