Central Coast LGA ClubGRANTS

The ClubGRANTS scheme in the Central Coast's Local Government Area is funded by local registered clubs to provide community support through a Local Committee. This Committee is made up of representatives from eligible clubs over the coast, as well as representatives from Department of Family and Community Services (FACS), NSW Council of Social Service (NCOSS) and Central Coast Council, in an advisory role.

The 2022 round opened on 21 March 2022 at 9am and closed at midnight on 9 May 2022.

All applications for $10,000 and over will be assessed by the Select Committee and recommendations will be reported to the Full Committee. If your application is for under $10,000 a report will go straight to the Full Committee for discussion and implementation.

Projects for 2022 must benefit residents of the Central Coast LGA. Please note that while there is no official maximum amount, available funding is limited.

Please refer to the ClubGRANTS for a copy of the Guidelines and Applicants Guide. Please also refer to the list of ClubGRANTS Priorities for the Central Coast LGA, for additional information for your application.

Successful applicants must complete a ClubGRANTS Final Report no later than 12 months after they receive their grant. A notification link is sent via SmartyGrants and can be found under ‘My Submissions’ in SmartyGrants account used to submit the application. Your report must be sent to the committee, via the link supplied, not to the club(s) that funded your project. Grants officers will forward the reports to the relevant clubs after recording that they have been received.

Contact Council’s Grants Officer Emma Benson on 4350 5360 or emma.benson@centralcoast.nsw.gov.au

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Last updated : Thu 16 Jun 2022