Gosford Art Prize and Gosford Ceramics Prize

The Gosford Art Prize is a hotly contested event with local and national artists engaged in friendly competition for over $24,000 in total prizes. The exhibition offers the artist an opportunity to let their work stand on its own, to be judged and appreciated on a level playing field, with each work vying for the viewer’s attention.

The recent addition of the Gosford Ceramics Prize supports and recognises the growing resurgence in contemporary ceramics throughout Australia.

For the 2018 Event details, including finalists and exhibition dates- see the 2018 Gosford Art and Ceramic prize event page

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Gosford Art Prize and Ceramic Prize 2018 Inward Sponsorship

Expressions of Interest (EOI) are now open for individuals or organisations to sponsor the 2018 Gosford Art Prize and Ceramic Prize 2018, held from 15 September to 18 November.

See here for more information about how you can be a sponsor.

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Last updated : Mon 15 Oct 2018