Wyoming Eco Garden

Wyoming Eco Garden


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Wyoming Eco Garden, located at the Wyoming Community Centre, is auspiced by Gosford Regional Community Services’ Community Greening team and was established in 2014. It follows the natural line of Wingello Creek Tributary and is formed with differing levels and an array of raised garden beds from small yachts to traditional corrugated iron and hardwood timber planters all made from recycled materials. 

This established eco garden with its intriguing garden features provides a place for social interaction for those wishing to visit or become active members with own garden plots.  The Garden has been a winner in Council’s Garden Competition Awards each year since 2015.

A variety of workshops are held within the garden to provide assistance to those community members, who for their own health and wellbeing require the tranquillity that the eco garden offers.  The eco garden also provides a place of pride and structured work experience for those who want to develop skills in organic gardening, basic landscaping etc.

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147 Maidens Brush Road
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Last updated : Tue 31 Mar 2020