The local community joined Mayor Jane Smith today at Chittaway Bay Lions Park to officially open the new play space that was built in partnership with the Jimmy Jurd Fund, Centra Projects and community volunteers.

The play space was built with a generous $40,000 contribution from the fund set up for Jimmy Jurd, who at the age of one was diagnosed with a rare brain tumour, then inoperable in Australia.  Funds were raised for his treatment but Jimmy sadly passed before the treatment could start.  At the request of the Jurd family, a portion of these funds was used to upgrade the local play space in honour of Jimmy’s memory.

Mayor Jane Smith said this project is a positive example of the community, private industry and Council working together.  In addition to the Jimmy Jurd Fund’s contribution, the building contractor, Centra Projects provided project construction at cost, and many community members volunteered their labour.

“Play spaces and parks play an important role in the lives of the people within our community and visitors to the area.  They are places in which we socialise, keep active and engage in community activities.  They are valuable spaces and places where the community builds social networks.” Mayor Smith said.

“The community have asked for more playgrounds and recreational opportunities and we have listened.   Council continues to invest in the delivery of quality playgrounds and activation of public spaces to create an active and connected community.

“This commitment is evident in Council’s 2018-19 capital works budget which includes a $19.4 million budget on 61 open space and recreation projects.” Mayor Smith said.

The $110,000 upgrade included the construction of the new Pirate themed climbing unit, swings, spinner and a nature play space for children of all ages.  The upgrade also includes a concrete path connecting to the shared pathway and seating area, and partial rubber flooring, creating an accessible and inclusive play space for the whole community.