Studiosity webinar for Students, Parents and Carers




Thursday, 20 August 2020 - 7:00am to 7:30am

Central Coast Library Service has been providing free access to online homework help for it's members through Studiosity for many years.

With many students learning from home rather than the traditional classroom, support for parents in this environment is more important than ever. Studiosity have acknowledged this need and are running a free webinar to support parents.

Homework meltdowns after dinner, hearing “I didn’t understand it so I couldn’t do it”, and staring at your child’s textbooks with blank disbelief that anyone can understand these equations or concepts?

It’s ok - you’re not supposed to be an expert in the Australian curriculum. That’s why your Library provides the free, after-hours homework help service, Studiosity.
In this 20-minute webinar you'll learn how your child can get free, anytime study help from this service, and how it helps you support them during their independent study and homework time, after school.

Please book your place by clicking on the 'Book now' link. This will take you directly to the Studiosity webinar registration page, make sure you put Central Coast Library Service as your local library.

If you require assistance please email or phone your local branch.


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Last updated : Mon 24 Aug 2020