An Afternoon with Sarah Barrie and Tea Cooper


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Wednesday, 7 December 2022 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Hear Australian authors Sarah Barrie and Tea Cooper 'in-conversation' at Umina Beach Library as they discuss their writing and latest novels.

Bookings are essential. Reserve your place using the 'Book now' button, phoning 4304 7333 or asking in your local branch.

About the authors

Sarah Barrie: Rural suspense, romance author Sarah Barrie has written nine novels, including her bestselling debut Secrets of Whitewater Creek, the Hunters Ridge trilogy and the Calico Mountain trilogy.

She has been a finalist for several major awards: twice in the RUBY, the Romance Writers of Australia's premier award, and three times in the Australian Romance Readers Award for favourite Romantic Suspense. Her very suspenseful crime novel, Unforgiven, was Highly Commended in the 2022 Davitt Awards and shortlisted for the 2022 Danger Awards at the BAD Sydney Crime Writer’s Festival.

Her favourite place in the world is the family property, where she writes stories overlooking mountains crisscrossed with farmland, bordered by the beauty of the Australian bush. It is here she can spend time with family, friends, a good Irish whiskey and a copy of her next favourite book.

Tea Cooper: Tea is an award-winning Australian author of historical fiction. In a past life, she was a teacher, a journalist and farmer. These days she haunts museums and indulges her passion for storytelling.

She is the bestselling author of ten novels, including The Horse Thief, The Cedar Cutter, The Currency Lass, The Naturalist’s Daughter, The Woman in the Green Dress and The Girl in the Painting. The book The Cartographer’s Secret won the prestigious Daphne du Maurier Award.

About the books

Retribution by Sarah Barrie

Ace hacker, ex-prostitute, Jack Daniels drinker and part-time vigilante Lexi Winter is now working with the police, with a new enemy in her sights and an old foe on her mind.

Most probationary constables would baulk at chasing a drug dealer into a train tunnel in the dead of night - not Lexi. When she emerges, injured but alive, to face the wrath of her boss it's clear that while Lexi may now be in uniform, she has as much trouble with authority as ever. Just to prove it, Lexi is quietly using her hacking skills to investigate a notorious drug-dealing Sydney crime family with links to her old prey, the paedophile Damon Vaughn. As her colleague Detective Sergeant Finn Carson investigates a death on a Sydney building site that leads him to the picturesque Wondabyne train station on the Hawkesbury River, Inspector Rachael Langley oversees an enquiry that is becoming ever more complex as multiple lines of investigation seem to interweave. What they don't know is that Lexi is the only one who can unravel them - if only she'll toe the line.

The Butterfly Collector by Tea Cooper

1868 Morpeth NSW

Theodora Breckenridge, still in mourning after the loss of her parents and brother at sea, is more interested in working quietly on her art at the family's country estate than she is finding a husband in Sydney society, even if her elder sister Florence has other ideas. Theodora seeks to emulate prestigious nature illustrators, the Scott sisters, who lived nearby, so she cannot believe her luck when she discovers a butterfly never before sighted in Australia. With the help of Clarrie, her maid, and her beautiful illustrations, she is poised to make a natural science discovery that will put her name on the map. Then Clarrie's new-born son goes missing and everything changes.

1922 Sydney NSW

When would-be correspondent Verity Binks is sent an anonymous parcel containing a spectacular butterfly costume and an invitation to the Sydney Artists Masquerade Ball on the same day she loses her job at The Arrow, she is both baffled and determined to go. Her late grandfather Sid, an esteemed newspaperman, would expect no less of her. At the ball, she lands a juicy commission to write the history of the Treadwell Foundation - an institution that supports disgraced young women and their babies. But as she begins to dig, her investigation quickly leads her to an increasingly dark and complex mystery, a mystery fifty years in the making. Can she solve it? And will anyone believe her if she does?

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