Keep the Coast Clean

Litter is a key issue for the Central Coast community. Everybody is responsible for playing a part in helping to Keep the Coast Clean, including residents, tourists, visitors and businesses. 

  • Put it in the bin; don’t leave your rubbish lying around, please put it in the bin!
  • Opt for reusable; carry reusable coffee cups, drink bottles, straws, ashtrays/butt bins, shopping bags or any other reusable item that you would use regularly
  • Say no to receipts; if you don’t need your receipt (or if you can receive it digitally), say ‘no thanks’ to receiving a physical receipt
  • Carry a portable and reusable tidy bag with you – these can attach to your backpack, your handbag, picnic basket or the headrest in your car
  • Bag it and bin it; carry tidy bags on your lead when taking your furry friend for a walk, so you can easily clean up their business and bin it
  • Show your support by using #KeeptheCoastClean when using your reusable items 
  • If you see someone littering. Report it at:

Some of the highest littered items on the Central Coast include coffee cups, takeaway packaging, cigarette butts and small plastics such as confectionary wrappers. 

Coffee Cups

Did you know that up to 90% of single use hot beverage cups end up in landfill?
Unfortunately, standard disposable coffee cups cannot be recycled through the standard paper recycling process because they have a plastic liner. 
Help Keep the Coast Clean by: 

  • Investing in a reusable cup – there’s lots of different ones including glass, metal, bamboo and crockery
  • If you need to use disposable, dispose of it correctly by putting it in the red bin
  • Encourage your local café to accept reusable (if they don’t already) 

Cigarette Butts

Cigarette butts are one of the most commonly littered items across the Central Coast. It can be difficult to determine what to do with a cigarette butt once someone has finished with it. The most common approach to disposing of a cigarette butt is to ‘butt it’ by standing on it and leaving it where it is or throwing it out the car window. These methods are harmful for our wildlife and our environment and can often result in fires in the warmer months.

To help protect the Central Coast and its wildlife, individuals can carry a portable ashtray or butt bin (you can even use an old Mintie tin!) to dispose of cigarette butts. These portable bins can then be emptied into normal waste bins once the butts have been extinguished. These can also be attached to your belt loop, to your keys or to your bag! 

Please #KeeptheCoastClean by butting and binning your cigarette butts.

Picking up after your dog

Be a responsible pet owner, carry a bag and pick up after your dog.

Dog poo on the ground is considered litter. When we don't pick up after our dogs, their faeces can end up in fields and playgrounds, along nature trails, and in the sand at our beaches. It is then washed into stormwater drains and into our streams, rivers, beaches and even into groundwater. Droppings deposited far from a stream can still end up in our waterways.

Return and Earn

Return and Earn is a NSW Government program which provides you an opportunity to make money by helping the environment! It offers a 10-cent return on eligible drink containers, with the aim of reducing litter and increasing recycling. This provides opportunities for individuals, local groups and clubs to earn money, by collecting and redeeming eligible drink containers. For more information on acceptable containers and local redemption points, head to: 

What is Council doing?

Council has developed the ‘Keep the Coast Clean’ campaign to promote community pride and ownership of the Central Coast and to help reduce littering. There are a number of different projects run by Council as part of this campaign. To find out more information about our current projects, please visit: 

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Last updated : Thu 6 Aug 2020