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Monday, 22 July 2019


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The Terrigal Catchment Audit is a comprehensive program undertaken as a partnership between Council and the NSW Government which is assessing possible sources of pollution within the Terrigal Catchment and their impacts on long term water quality in the Beach, Lagoon and Haven.

Data collected by Council as part of the Beachwatch program is used to inform the annual NSW State of the Beaches Report, in which Terrigal Beach has received a “Poor” rating since 2011-12.

Beachwatch uses long-term environmental trends to highlight areas of concern, which may then trigger further investigation. Beachwatch is not comprehensive enough to determine the source or scale of the factors affecting water quality which is why the Terrigal Catchment Audit was initiated.

In January 2019, Council commenced the Terrigal Catchment Audit. The aim of the audit is to assess microbial contamination as a risk to swim safety at Terrigal Beach and Terrigal Haven.

The audit extends the Beachwatch program sampling to assess water quality right along the beach from the Lagoon to the Haven and is designed to move systematically up through the catchment, testing and investigating both the sewer and stormwater networks to understand pollution sources and identify solutions.

The Terrigal Catchment Audit is funded by Council, with the NSW Government also committing $500,000 to investigating water quality at Terrigal and the coastal lagoons. Council and the NSW Government are currently working towards integrating the two programs as part of the major audit program.

Key documents

The NSW Government also provides an interactive daily pollution forecast tool. 

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Comprehensive video overview

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