Save our Sewers! Only flush the 3 P's


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Monday, 16 March 2020


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With a shortage of toilet paper and people using alternatives, we want to remind you to only ever  flush the three P's down your porcelain throne – poo, pee and paper.

Everything else needs to go in the appropriate bin - this includes tissues, nappies, paper towels and wipes, even if they are labelled 'flushable'.

These materials do not break down properly, and when mixed with other materials that shouldn't be poured down our sinks like fats and oils, can cause 'fatburgs' creating blockages in our sewer systems.

Blockages are not only unpleasant, but can create overflows into our waterways and environment as well as within property boundaries, which can become very costly for homeowners.

We have crews on standby to respond to reports 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so it is important, and we encourage our community, to let us know day or night about any sewer blockages by contacting us on 1300 463 954.

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Last updated : Thu 14 May 2020