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  • Road safety for older road users
Wednesday, 14 September 2022


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As we come into the warmer months, more drivers are expected to be out and about on our roads.  

Central Coast Council has  developed a series of road safety videos for older road users, available for viewing on Central Coast Council's Youtube channel.

The aim of the videos is to assist older road users to be as safe as possible on and around our Central Coast roads and roadside areas.

Each video provides advice and safety tips to help make safer choices when driving, riding, walking, using a mobility scooter or catching public transport.

Crash patterns for older drivers are significantly different to those of other age groups.  Studies show that many older drivers compensate for their age-related decline in driving competency by self-restricting their driving, for example, by driving only in local areas or avoiding complex situations.

NSW road crash data show that people aged 75 years or over are three times more likely to lose their life in a crash than people in their 20s, and this risk increases for people aged 85 or over.

The topics and information in the series are based on Transport for NSW’s publication On the Road 65Plus.

The series comprises eight sessions, each covering a different topic. Each session is around five to six minutes in length.

The series of road safety videos focus on the following topics:

  • Health and driving
  • Driver licensing at 75 and 85 years
  • Safer driving
  • Two commonly misunderstood road rules
  • Retiring from driving
  • Pedestrian and alternative transport safety
  • Mobility scooter safety
  • Motorcycle safety

The videos can be viewed at a time that suits, depending on an individual’s own needs and interest.

The videos can be found on Central Coast Council’s Youtube channel. 

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Last updated : Wed 14 Sep 2022