Road maintenance after major weather events


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Wednesday, 31 March 2021


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Heavy rainfall – particularly major weather events such as the recent severe event experienced across the Central Coast in March 2021 – can have a major impact on local roads.

Council’s road crews fix potholes, remove trees and repair any other damage as quickly as possible during and following heavy rain. Please be patient, follow warning signs carefully, and never ride, drive or walk through floodwater – if it's flooded, forget it!

The safety of our community is our priority. We will continue to undertake pro-active inspections of our road networks and attend to customer requests on a regular basis.

Report any potholes or road damage caused by weather events by calling Council on 1300 463 954 or submitting online via the Report an issue page.

How do we repair potholes?

Water entering and weakening the underlying road pavement and the added stress of traffic is the main cause of potholes, which is why we see more potholes after periods of heavy rain.

Each year we repair approximately 58,000 potholes across the Coast’s 2,200 kilometre road network.

We have seven road crews dedicated to road maintenance. with pothole repair making up a major part of their role. There are an additional 15 crews that can step in to help out with pothole repair after major weather events.

Potholes reoccurring in the same locations is frustrating. To help reduce this problem we identify pothole trouble spots and use a ‘heavy patch’ repair, which involves cutting out a larger section of road and resealing it to significantly reduce the risk of reoccurrence.

We also use a risk-based analysis to determine when a ‘heavy patch’ is required – for example, if potholes are located in a high traffic area.

To repair potholes as quickly as possible during rain we use a product that sets in the wet to improve safety as quickly as possible. ‘Heavy patch’ solutions may be rolled out at these locations in the future based on risk and pothole database analysis.

Potholes are unfortunately a feature of any road network and the Central Coast is no exception. Preventing potholes is a major and ongoing priority for Council, with techniques including resealing, rejuvenation and pavement rehabilitation.

Help us attend to potholes across our road network by reporting them. Call 1300 463 954 or submitting online via the Report an issue page.

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Last updated : Wed 31 Mar 2021