Public toilet and change room upgrade at Macmasters Beach


  • toilet block at park with mural
Wednesday, 6 April 2022


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The well-used and ageing public toilets at Macmasters Beach has been removed to make way for an improved and accessible facility for locals and visitors.

The new facility will provide one unisex accessible toilet, two unisex ambulant toilets, three unisex toilets, one change room, one family room with toilet, three outdoor showers, storage area including storage for Macmasters Beach Boardriders Club. 

The mature Norfolk Pine tree located at the site and will be protected during the demolition and construction.  Whilst some pruning of branches will be undertaken, the root system will be protected as the new facility will be constructed further away from the tree.  

Construction of the new facility is due for completion by the end July 2022 (weather permitting)

This community infrastructure project is funded by NSW Government’s Stronger Communities Fund and Central Coast Council.

About the mural on the previous building 

John Lowrie, a local artist – that incidentally now works in our economic development unit at Council -  painted the mural on public toilet building at Macmasters Beach many years ago.  The artwork with surfing and whale dreaming concepts was designed with input from the community at the time and has brightened this popular public infrastructure since.

Public art in open spaces areas have an expiry, especially when painted directly on infrastructure that will at some stage will require replacement or an upgrade. As we start demolition to make way for an improved pubic toilet and shower and change amenities building, we thank John for sharing his talents for the community benefit.

“As a local to the Central Coast of 16 years, it's been my pleasure to have been able to have my mural displayed for so many years opposite a beautiful part of our coastline and part of many resident's everyday. I'm happy that the community has enjoyed it and I look forward to using the upgraded facilities at this popular beach location.”  John Lowrie

To see John Lowrie’s artwork, go to



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Last updated : Tue 5 Apr 2022