Parker gets his feet wet in Kibble Park


  • Gosford - Kibble Stream and Parker
Wednesday, 23 December 2020


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The Kibble Park stream is flowing again, and Parker the Platypus dropped by to check it out.

The stream is a much-loved feature in Kibble Park and had been off for some time. The community told us, through our recent consultation for the Kibble Park Place Plan, that they would like to see it operating again.

This ‘urban stream’ is an interpretation of the original creek that flowed through the valley and emptied into the Broad Water.

Cleaning and maintenance works were undertaken earlier in the year and the stream is now operating again during business hours Monday to Friday. The stream captures stormwater run-off from the Park and has a large 20,000L underground water tank for storage, water treatment and recirculation.

Many park users, like Parker, have been spotted reading by the stream, watching it run or just sitting by and enjoying its ambience.

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Last updated : Wed 23 Dec 2020