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Tuesday, 24 August 2021


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Council has received an increased number of reports from the community letting us know of a number of unauthorised mountain bike and BMX tracks and structures right across the coast.

With every report, our staff investigate and assess the risk to the public and the impacts to the surrounding environment, threatened species and any heritage values before determining the next steps.

Unauthorised builds in natural bushland

We are tasked with managing over 6000 hectares of natural reserves and we prioritise our management efforts where there is greatest need. Where possible, we actively seek to protect and preserve sensitive parts of our environment and enhance biodiversity.

Mountain bike riding is currently permitted on designated fire and management trails in some of our natural reserves, however a number of unauthorised tracks have also been constructed that have the potential to have a negative impact on the environment, and at times aboriginal heritage sites.

Unauthorised builds that cause harm to the environment, threatened species or are a risk to the public will be removed and the land remediated in order of priority. Our Rangers will also be patrolling our reserves to monitor areas of concern and encourage the community to ride in a safe manner.

We are committed to actively working with the mountain bike community to try and support this growing sport on the Central Coast in a sustainable and positive way. You can view our work with the community on this at yourvoiceourcoast.com/mtb. The Mountain Bike Feasibility Study is due to go back to Council for consideration toward the end of 2021.

Informal builds in open space areas

We are tasked with managing a number of open space areas including parks and playgrounds and we prioritise our management efforts where there is greatest need.

Council is taking a pragmatic approach to the informal BMX jump tracks being built, acknowledging that current lockdown restrictions in place mean many children are unable to attend school and all formal sport and recreation has ceased. 

If the informal BMX tracks are not causing environmental harm and the risk to the greater public is minimal then we are currently not removing them, recognising that there is at this moment a greater mental health benefit for our children in leaving them.

We will continue to monitor reported sites and if the level of risk increases, we will take appropriate action at that time.

Find a Skatepark and BMX track near you

Central Coast public playspaces, outdoor fitness equipment and skate parks are open in line with the latest direction from the NSW Government.

To help minimise the spread of COVID-19, please wash your hands before and after using any equipment and adhere to the rules and safety measures implemented by the NSW government for the Central Coast area.
At the request of NSW Police, seating in public areas including beaches, town centres, major skate parks and high volume traffic areas will be taped off to help reinforce this message and keep our community safe.

Find out where your nearest skatepark or BMX track is located on the Central Coast.

Report an issue

If you would like to report an unauthorised bike jump or track, you can do this any time via our Online Customer Service Centre.

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Last updated : Mon 13 Sep 2021