Update on Central Coast roads remediation


Thursday, 8 September 2022


Central Coast Council is continuing its work to fix potholes and other road defects after a combination of three major flood events and higher-than-average rainfall patterns over the past eight months which resulted in unprecedented damage to the local road network.

Since 1 March 2022, 73,000 potholes have been patched across the Coast’s 2000km road network.

Council Director of Infrastructure Services, Boris Bolgoff, said while Council has short, medium, and long-term strategies to manage and prevent potholes impacting the roads, the on-going wet weather has resulted in the need to adapt work plans.

“Pothole patching is continuing across numerous suburbs which may also receive medium and long-term solutions such as heavy patching in the near future.

“It is a priority for us to keep the roads open to traffic. Temporary pothole repairs help us achieve that aim and keep our travel network safe for motorists until more permanent repairs can be carried out.”

“With better weather being experienced in recent weeks, Council has begun medium and long-term repair works which includes heavy patching of sections of roads.  Some road renewal programs have also commenced.”   

Council Administrator, Rik Hart said Council allocates approximately $56M of funding as part of the yearly Capital Works Program to undertake road upgrade, road renewal, drainage, pathways, bridges, wharves, slope stabilisation, traffic facilities and unsealed road improvements.

“The funding is focused on maintaining and improving the condition of the road network and associated assets. The level of funding is based on the expected depreciation across the region. 

“In addition to the capital works funding commitments, Council allocates in the order of $30 million in operational funding to carry out maintenance of the road and related network, including pothole repairs, clearing drainage and other works.

“Now, as a result of Council’s improved financial position, and in response to community feedback about how Council should allocate its spending, an additional $2.5M has been allocated to maintenance for more permanent repairs to the road network.

“Both state and federal governments have also pledged funding to the Central Coast region, and Council looks forward to securing this funding to help renew roads in our region in the longer term.”

Keep up to date on Council’s progress in repairing our roads via our website and Council’s Facebook page.



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