Update: Glyphosate use by Central Coast Council


Monday, 22 July 2019


At this stage there is no change to Councils approach to the use of herbicides containing glyphosate for the purpose of weed control within the Central Coast Local Government Area.

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) are the appropriate statutory body regulating chemicals registered for use in Australia. The APVMA has recently concluded that products containing glyphosate pose no risk to humans and are safe to use as per the label instructions. It is also our understanding that the APVMA will continue to monitor any new information, reports or studies that indicate if their position should be revised.

The health and safety of Council workers and the community are taken very seriously and Council ensure responsible practices are in place for the safe use of herbicides whilst protecting the environment. Council requires all of its employees and contractors who undertake herbicide treatment to have appropriate training and certification, and all products are used in accordance with label instructions and the manufacturer’s specifications.

Council has recently trialled a multi-function product for vegetation control, cleaning and mould removal made from a biodegradable material and will continue to investigate chemical free vegetation control alternatives.

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Last updated : Mon 22 Jul 2019