Umina Beach stormwater pollutant trap works delayed


Thursday, 25 July 2019


Central Coast Councils’ installation of a new stormwater gross pollutant trap (GPT) at Trafalgar Ave, Umina Beach has been delayed after the discovery of asbestos containing material at the site.

Council has commenced asbestos remediation works and engaged licensed asbestos removal contractors to ensure public safety is maintained whilst contaminated soil is removed to a licenced facility, with work expected to be completed by Friday, 9 August.

Council Unit Manager of Natural and Environmental Assets, Luke Sulkowski, said the works would allow safe removal of the asbestos and for the gross pollutant trap to be installed safely.

“Work on the GPT installation was stopped immediately after bonded pieces of asbestos were discovered during excavation,” said Mr Sulkowski.

“Expert advice was sought to test the soil to determine the amount of contamination and if any small fibres were present.

“Our licenced contractors are now removing the contaminated soil, as per legislative requirements, and have been conducting on-going air monitoring throughout the removal process.

“The first two days of air quality monitoring reported that concentrations were consistent with normal background levels and normal construction processes will resume once the asbestos contaminated material is removed from site.”

The installation of the new GPT will reduce litter entering the beach and waterway downstream and will then be cleaned by a large suction truck on a recurrent schedule.

Sulkowski reminded community members that they too can play a role in reducing the impact of litter on local beaches and waterways.

“It’s up to all of us to ensure less litter makes it to the stormwater in the first place, putting rubbish in the bin or taking it with you is the best way to keep our waterways clear.

“Remember If it’s on the ground it’s in our waterways.”


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Last updated : Wed 31 Jul 2019