Office of the Administrator Media Release - Administrator requests the Prime Minister to intervene to assist in managing coastal erosion


Wednesday, 16 December 2020


Central Coast Council Administrator, Mr Dick Persson AM has made a request to the Federal Government to intervene and provide leadership in managing coastal erosion. 

Mr Persson said current devastating events further north on the east coast highlights the need for the Federal Government to take a lead in managing coastal erosion to deliver a long term solution. 

“Yesterday I wrote to the Prime Minister The Hon Scott Morrison MP encouraging the Federal Government to provide the necessary leadership on what is clearly becoming a national emergency,” said Mr Persson.

“I acknowledge both state and local governments have responsibilities particularly in terms of managing the crises as they are happening however it is now clear that national leadership is required in managing coastal erosion for the long term."

Mr Persson states in previous appointments he has dealt with serious coastal erosion problems, in particular the devasting 2016 coastal erosion event at Collaroy NSW, with the famous image of the private swimming pool ending up on the beach.

“Wamberal residents on the Central Coast have recently experienced their own devastating erosion event, where we saw images of houses hanging by a thread.

“More and more we are seeing our coastlines and communities being severely impacted by coastal erosion events. 

“While the argument receiving most publicity is over seawalls, whether to have them and who should pay, the expert advice is that the only real long term option for preventing the loss of many of our beaches lies in large-scale sand nourishment sourced from off shore deposits.

“These events are occurring in many parts of Australia and are happening more often and with greater intensity. I’m hoping the Prime Minister can get this matter elevated to the new National Cabinet to ensure a national approach before many beaches are lost forever.”

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Last updated : Wed 16 Dec 2020