No election for Central Coast Council in December 2021


Tuesday, 23 November 2021


Central Coast residents are reminded that there is no local government election on 4 December 2021.  Service NSW has erroneously included all Central Coast customers in a reminder email to vote. 

The Minister for Local Government issued an order on 8 June 2021 that ordinary elections for Central Coast Council will be postponed for 12 months.

Council’s Administrator Rik Hart has communicated to the Minister for Local Government a recommendation that the next general election for the Central Coast be conducted in September/October 2022 and in conjunction with the Constitutional Referendum, with the results of the referendum to apply in the 2024 local government election. The referendum will ask Central Coast voters to determine the following question: ‘Do you favour a reduction in the number of Central Coast Councillors from fifteen to nine? This will result in three Wards with each Ward electing three Councillors.’

The outcome of the public inquiry into Central Coast Council by the State Government is pending following the recent conclusion of public hearings. 


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Last updated : Tue 23 Nov 2021