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Monday, 9 January 2017


Central Coast Council’s Waste Wise Workshops are back for 2017, providing practical and hands-on advice to help the whole family reduce, reuse and recycle food waste.

Food waste accounts for over forty percent of general household waste which ends up in landfill and adds to the Coast’s carbon emissions.

Council’s Group Leader of Assets, Infrastructure and Business, Mr Mike Dowling, said everyone has a role to play in reducing the amount of household food waste sent to landfill and attending a workshop is a great way to start.

“Around ninety percent of greenhouse gas emissions from landfill are a result of decomposing organic material which can easily be reduced by composting garden organic materials and food scraps,” Mr Dowling said.

“Up to fifty percent of the waste in the red lid bin could be diverted from landfill by composting and warm farming alone.”

Most organic matter, excluding meat, is suitable for home composting.  The combined materials break down into a cheap, non-polluting, natural and effective garden fertiliser.

Workshops will be held on composting and worm farming with participants taking home a free worm farm or compost bin so they can get started straight away.

There will also be workshops on no dig gardening – how to create a productive garden that does not take up space by using a box or even something as small as a jar.

“These enjoyable workshops will give residents practical tips and tools to reduce and recycle food waste and turn it into a great resource for the garden,” Mr Dowling said.

“Worm farms can be kept outside, inside, on the balcony or in the garage so you don’t need a lot of space – they are ideal for units.”

Worms turn leftovers into a rich soil-like substance called 'castings'. Worm castings are great for feeding house plants, adding to seedling mixes and potting soils or top-dressing around plants.

The benefits of composting for gardens include keeping the soil moist, saving water, suppressing weeds and adding organic material and nutrients to the soil.

Composting and worm farming workshops are being held throughout January with specific ones for kids so they too can learn early the benefits of recycling and reusing food waste.

Workshop schedule:

Tuesday 17 January 9:30am - composting and worm farming for adults
Tuesday 17 January 1pm - composting for kids (a parent must attend)
Thursday 19 January 9:30am - no dig gardening for adults
Thursday 19 January 1pm – no dig gardening for kids (a parent must attend)
Wednesday 25 January 10am - worm farming for kids (a parent must attend)
Wednesday 25 January 12pm - composting and worm farming for adults

All workshops will be held at the education centre and garden created at Council’s Buttonderry Waste Management Facility on Hue Hue Road in Jilliby.

Bookings are essential as spaces fill up quickly.  Book online at or call 4350 1342.

For Green Living workshops in our Southern area, visit


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