Highlights of the 18 December 2017 Council Meeting


Tuesday, 19 December 2017


Council moves towards progressive asbestos removal policy

Council is looking to model progressive asbestos removal by unanimously calling for a report following consultation with a number of stakeholders including Cumberland and Parramatta Councils.

Cumberland Council has recently offered free household inspections and free collection or disposal of small amounts of asbestos from residences during Asbestos Awareness Month.

Mayor Jane Smith said Council was keen to raise awareness about the dangers of asbestos in the community and the best way to dispose of it that protects people and the environment.

“Council staff are to be congratulated for the work they have done to promote the importance of safe disposal of asbestos during Asbestos Awareness Month, and indeed throughout the year,” Mayor Smith said.

“Council has called on the Chief Executive Officer to provide a report on what other Councils are doing in this key area so we can model best practice and a progressive approach to this key issue.

“Any policy that is developed by Council will be subject to community consultation and we welcome their involvement in the process.”

Council rejects proposed rescission of resolutions on the Central Coast Airport

A motion moved by Councillors Best, Pilon and McLachlan to rescind the Council’s 27 November 2017 was lost, with 8 of the 15 councillors voting against the proposed rescission.

Mayor Jane Smith said it was time for the Council to move on and look at other options to create employment for the Central Coast.

“The Airport is not a priority project in the Central Coast Regional Plan,” Mayor Smith said.

“It is time to move on and create job opportunities across the Coast – particularly in the Wyong Economic Zone.”

The Council’s resolutions of 27 November 2017 also called for a report on the biodiversity of the Porters Creek wetlands and other employment generating options to be reported back to the 26 February 2018 meeting.

Advisory Committees established for community input to drive the Central Coast forward

Council has resolved to establish six new Advisory Committees of key stakeholders to give the community input into the decision-making processes of Council.

Two Catchment and Coast Committees will be established – one for Brisbane Water and one for Tuggerah Lakes to assist Council in the development and implementation of Coastal Management Plans.

Other committees include a Coastal Open Space (COSS) Committee, an Employment and Economic development committee, a Gosford CBD and Waterfront Committee as well as a Heritage Advisory Committee.

Mayor Jane Smith said a more formal Committee structure will give active and interested community members a chance to be involved in driving the strategic direction and decision-making of Council on matters directly affecting them.

“We are a large Council area, representing over 330,000 residents and we need to ensure we are representing the community’s interests in the best way we can,” Mayor Jane Smith said.

“The Committee structure will give those with a real passion, interest and expertise in a key economic, environmental or development area a chance to have input into the decision-making table.”

The establishment of other Committees will be considered at a Strategic Planning Workshop of Councillors in February.  A full report including the terms of reference and make-up of the Committees will return to Council for consideration.

Recruitment of a permanent General Manager underway

The search for a new permanent General Manager is underway with Council resolving to call for Expressions of Interest from suitably qualified agencies to undertake the recruitment.

The current interim Chief Executive Officer, Brian Bell, was appointed by the former Administrator on a temporary contract which must expire on or before 13 September 2018. Mr Bell will stay in the role until a new General Manager is appointed.

Mayor Jane Smith said the recruitment process would take some time so it needed to get underway and thanked Mr Bell for his service to date to the Council during the transition from Administration to an elected Council.

“Brian has certainly been the right Chief Executive Officer for the job at the right time and has been instrumental in getting Councillors up to speed on the key issues and priorities for Council,” Mayor Jane Smith said.

“We are now keen to find the right agency who will find us the right General Manager to lead what is now one of the biggest Councils in the State and Australia.” “This is a tremendous opportunity for the first permanent General Manager of the Central Coast to work with Council and the staff to achieve great outcomes for our growing community.”

An extraordinary meeting will be held on Monday 29 January to select the recruitment agency. The recruitment process itself is expected to take between three to six months.

Planning controls to deliver a sustainable and liveable Gosford CBD

Council is moving to make the Gosford CBD the regional capital of the Central Coast with the council moving forward with key new strategic planning actions at the meeting tonight.

Council resolved to re-exhibit the Planning proposal for Commercial Core Bonus incentives and called for an update on new traffic, transport, parking, emergency and city activation strategies with sustainability at its core.

Mayor Jane Smith said that Council has a unique opportunity for the Gosford CBD to become a case study in sustainability that could demonstrate best practice initiatives in the growth of an urban centre.

“Gosford CBD can and must realise its potential as a true liveable city and the capital of the Central Coast,” Mayor Jane Smith said.

“We want to encourage sustainable development that provides integration between the built and natural environments.”

“We understand there is a lot of interest in the development of the CBD and there will be plenty of opportunities for all stakeholders to be involved and have a say.”

Council has committed to holding at least two community presentation and information sessions during the consultation period.

A report outlining sustainability initiatives is to be incorporated into the Gosford City Centre including, but not limited to, initiatives and benchmarks related to water, energy, waste and open space.

The Coordinator General of the Central Coast and the NSW Government Architect will be invited to be active participants in the consultation process.

Council awards more than $600,000 in community funding

From specialist adult learn to swim classes to a Central Coast Festival of women, a program to promote job creation and Aboriginal cultural training as well as kid’s try-athlons, an Ecoline ‘Bush Tucker Trail’ to the Central Coast’s Academy of Sport’s Annual Program, the latest recipients of Council’s grants and sponsorship program cover a diverse range of projects and groups on the Central Coast.

Read full media release here

Community to have a say on Regional Library plans

Council is seeking community input into two alternative proposals to deliver a Regional Library for the Central Coast in the Gosford CBD.

The site for the Regional Library was confirmed during the Administration period as the Parkside Building at 123A Donnison Street.  The first concept will create a four storey Regional Library on that site with 2 levels of basement carparking. Concept 2 is the potential consolidation of 123A and the adjoining site and provides for a combined commercial, retail, carparking and Library space over ten levels including four levels of basement carparking.

Mayor Jane Smith said the community has significant investment and interest in progressing this project and it was important to get the balance right and deliver an innovative and sustainable learning space for the community.

“This is a catalyst project for the revitalisation for the Gosford CBD and one that Council can and must get right for the community,” Mayor Jane Smith said.

“Libraries are at the heart of creating liveable, connected and sustainable cities and that is definitely what we want to see for the Gosford CBD.

“We have funds committed to deliver a regional library, the discussion must now be focussed on whether we create a stand-alone library or take the opportunity to deliver a library plus a commercial hub.

“The community have wanted to see this project happen for a long time and I encourage all those with an interest in the future of the Gosford CBD to be involved in the consultation process.”

The plans will be exhibited early in 2018 for a minimum of 21 days with 2 community presentations planned. The exhibition period will be advertised and the plans will made available on Council’s engagement hub yourvoiceourcoast.com

Council adopts Norah Head Village Centre Masterplan


Central Coast Council has adopted the Norah Head Village Centre Masterplan which will guide public domain improvement works in the Village Centre as one of the key actions of the Toukley Planning Strategy.

Read full media release here

New Destination Management Plan to drive tourism success on the Central Coast

Council has adopted a new and bold Destination Management Plan to lead and grow tourism on the Central Coast for the next four years.

The Plan’s vision is for the Central Coast to be the natural choice for leisure, business and special events in regional NSW.

Mayor Jane Smith said the Plan was testament to what the amalgamated Council could deliver when working with key stakeholders in the best interests of the community.

“Tourism is a significant industry on the Coast injecting $867 million into the economy in 2016 from 4.85 million visitors,” Mayor Jane Smith said. “This does mean lots of jobs now but we must grow the industry even more so it continues to deliver more employment opportunities and economic development for our growing community.”

“The actions falling out of the plan are an opportunity for Council, along with our local industry, to commit to working together on achieving what needs to happen in order to increase the success of the visitor economy on the Central Coast.

“We are in a unique and enviable position as we are the only Council that is a region in its own right as we can really stand out and stand together as the region of choice for visitors.”

The Central Coast Destination Management Plan has been developed in partnership with local government, the tourism industry, the Central Coast Tourism board and staff, and other tourism stakeholders through multiple destination management workshops, face to face interviews and online surveys, consulting over 120 stakeholders in the process.

Key strategic priorities for the Plan include the development of a new Destination Brand and targeted campaign activity to deliver a clear single message for the destination, establish an events strategy program which maintains and grows off-peak, multi-day events and develop entrepreneur, innovation hubs and mentoring programs specifically targeting youth employment in the tourism sector to lift the overall visitor experience, product development and investment attraction.

The Plan was put exhibition in August 2017 with additional workshops held in November. The Plan is available in the Council Meeting Papers for tonight’s meeting and can be found at centralcoast.nsw.gov.au


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