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Tuesday, 28 September 2021


Central Coast Council’s pricing proposal on water, sewerage and stormwater drainage prices from 1 July 2022 has been submitted to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) and is now on their website for public comment. 

Council Director Water and Sewer, Jamie Loader, said that Council is proposing an increase in rates for these services, as Council’s current pricing model is not financially sustainable.
“As they currently stand, our rates for water, sewerage and stormwater drainage are the lowest in NSW,” said Mr Loader.

“If we continue along with these current prices, we will not have sufficient funds to provide the community with what they need and deserve, which is a safe, clean and reliable water supply and an effective sewer and drainage system that does not harm the environment. 

“What we are proposing is returning our prices for these services similar to 2018-19 levels, with an allowance for subsequent inflation. This means there will be, on average, an increase by about 34% in the first year, and then by inflation after that.

“Of course, this is a proposal only and I expect IPART to test our proposal and make any changes they deem appropriate.” 

Administrator Rik Hart said that Council’s pricing proposal is separate to the Special Variation application that was conducted earlier this year.

“Every dollar that we receive from your water, sewerage and stormwater drainage rates is treated as completely separate to Council’s other revenue streams,” Mr Hart said.

“In other words, we can only spend this set of rates on water, sewerage and stormwater drainage services such as water mains renewals, the upgrade of water and sewer treatment plants and stormwater management to ensure the ongoing health of our waterways.”
Below is an outline of the timeline to follow:
•    28 September – 1 November 2021: IPART’s community consultation process
•    26 October 2021: IPART will hold an online public hearing 
•    March 2022: IPART will release a draft report and determination detailing proposed prices
•    April 2022: IPART will hold a public hearing
•    May 2022: IPART will release their final report and determination on prices
•    1 July 2022: New pricing is implemented

To view the frequently asked questions on our pricing proposal, visit yourvoiceourcoast.com

Council encourages everyone to view Council’s pricing proposal and IPART’s Issues Paper – located on IPART’s website. Submissions are welcomed until 1 November 2021. 


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Last updated : Tue 28 Sep 2021