Dredging at The Entrance wraps up for the year


Friday, 30 October 2020


Central Coast Council’s dredging program has wrapped up for 2020 with approximately 25,000 cubic metres of sand removed from the channel.

In a first for Council, two dredges were used simultaneously to ensure the dredge program was completed in the compressed timeframes.

Council’s Environment and Planning Director, Scott Cox, said the use of two dredges allowed sand from two areas of the channel at the same time.

“Once the dredging program was underway, staff identified an opportunity to use a second dredge for areas west of The Entrance Bridge,” said Mr Cox.

“This meant that the dredging program could be successfully completed in a short timeframe, and the area reinstated before the busy tourist season and to also reduce potential impacts on the nesting of the Little Terns.

“The dredging program already looked very different to previous years, with the new EPA requirements requiring the dewatering area to be established inside the channel before sand was transferred to nourish North Entrance beach.

“I am pleased to report that all EPA requirements were met during the program this year, and we have met our primary targets of recovering sand from the channel for use on the eroded beach at The Entrance North as well as removing sand from key identified areas within the channel to help enhance water exchange and navigation.”

Council has been monitoring the annual arrival of the Little Terns to ensure the dredging program has had no impact on them.

Central Coast Mayor, Lisa Matthews said she was pleased to see staff innovation has ensured the program was completed in all the targeted areas.

“We know our community had some key areas within the channel they wanted to see dredged,” said Mayor Matthews.

“It’s great to see that the staff have been able to find a way to do this quickly and efficiently, ensuring all target areas were completed in time.”

The Karagi Reserve carpark staging area will continue to be decommissioned over the coming weeks which will also include some stabilisation of the foreshore in front of the reserve using rocks recovered during the July coastal erosion event.

The dredging program is funded by both Central Coast Council and the NSW Government through the Rescuing Our Waterways fund.


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Last updated : Fri 30 Oct 2020