Council seeks urgent answers from Minister for Local Government and Office of Local Government


Friday, 16 October 2020


Central Coast Council is seeking urgent answers from the Minister for Local Government, Shelley Hancock, and the Office of Local Government to Council’s request for assistance with its serious financial situation.

Mayor Lisa Matthews said it appeared that the Minister and the NSW Government were abandoning the Central Coast community and not standing by commitments to appoint an independent financial expert and a Human Resources adviser to ascertain Council’s true financial position.  

“The Minister publicly stated in a media release on 6 October that these independent resources would be provided to support our local government organisation to help address these financial issues as quickly as possible,” said Mayor Lisa Matthews.

“Council accepted the Minister’s plan and looked forward to working with them on our action plan. However, to date, no support nor guidance has been forthcoming.

“I have again written to the Minister seeking clarity on the timing, scope and terms of reference for these previously committed financial and human resources advisors.

“I am committed to finding ways to get the assistance our Central Coast community deserve.”

Council also urgently seeks clarification from the Minister with respect to Council’s request for assistance to allow for borrowing from restricted funds and further advice about securing external borrowing up to $100 million from TCorp, or any other emergency funding sources.

To date, Council has received no formal response to these requests from the Minister.

Acting CEO, Jamie Loader, said that senior staff had already made significant progress in identifying areas where key savings can be made without impacting on delivery of essential service. 

“We are keen to work with the Government appointed advisors to help put the council’s finances on the right footing” said Mr Loader.

“Senior staff and Councillors finalised input into the draft 100-Day Action Plan to financial recovery last night, we have progressed the appointment of a new Chief Financial Officer who will commence on November 2nd and confirmed the scope of the forensic audit of Council’s finances.”

For up to date information about Council’s financial situation, go to the Newspage on Council’s website at


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Last updated : Thu 22 Oct 2020