Council aligns water billing cycle across the Coast


Monday, 1 July 2019


From today 1 July 2019, residents and customers in the former Gosford LGA will receive their water bills quarterly instead of bi-annually, in line with the same cycle already in place in the former Wyong LGA.

Central Coast Council will also move the stormwater drainage charge, which appears on the rates account for residents and customers in the former Gosford LGA, to the water account – again reflecting what is already in place in the former Wyong LGA.

Council Chief Financial Officer, Craig Norman said while these changes are small and ultimately won’t impact the bottom line of the consumer, it is another example of how Council is aligning some of its essential services for the community and moving forward as ‘One Central Coast’.

“Not only are we continuing to move forward as ‘One Central Coast’, but unifying our water billing across the region ensures consistency for our community,” Mr Norman said.

“Water charges for residents in the former Gosford LGA will now be spread across four bills instead of two, making for a more manageable bill, helping to reduce bill shock and ease financial pressure for a number of residents and customers.

“A more frequent bill can also help residents budget better as well as identify leaks more readily to ensure we are all using our water responsibly.”

Mayor Jane Smith has welcomed the streamlining of services and lower water prices but is encouraging the community to continue to be water wise.

“The aligning of our essential services across the Coast is something that the community have told us they want, and it is something that Council wants as well,” Mayor Smith said.

“This change follows The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART)’s recent determination that will see a reduction in water bills across the Coast, depending on usage.

“While we are all excited by lower water bills, we must remember that like most of NSW, the Central Coast is affected by drought and we encourage everyone to continue to use water wisely.”

“So now is the time to start being water wise and think about what we can do as individuals and as a community to preserve this most precious of our resources.”

IPART is responsible for reviewing and determining the maximum water, sewerage and stormwater drainage prices for major water utilities in NSW, and has been doing so for over 25 years.

IPART’s recent determination will see the annual water bill for a typical household in the former Gosford LGA fall by approximately $330 in 2019-20, and a typical bill for a household in the former Wyong LGA fall by approximately $150 per year, depending on water usage.

If residents or customers have any questions about their next water bill visit or phone 1300 463 954.


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Last updated : Tue 2 Jul 2019