Community called to comment on Umina Coastal Sandplain Woodland


Thursday, 17 March 2022


Council is inviting the community to comment on plans to consolidate informal tracks in the Umina Coastal Sandplain Woodland between 17 March to 14 April, to share thoughts on the management of these areas. 

Umina Coastal Sandplain Woodland (UCSW) is a unique group of plants and animals that co-exist together on the coastal sands of the Umina-Woy Woy Peninsula, and is listed as an endangered ecological community (EEC).

The region’s natural assets are rich and diverse, and their conservation and protection is important. Council undertakes works including access control, rubbish removal, weed control and bush regeneration, community awareness and education, which are funded through The Protection of the Environment Trust Management Committee. 

A number of informal access tracks have been developed throughout the area at Hillview Street Reserve and Umina Oval which are impacting this vulnerable ecological community.  To help protect, rehabilitate, and manage this area – while still providing the community with access routes – the track network will be consolidated, and some tracks closed.

Council Administrator, Rik Hart said the remnant vegetation on the coastal sands of Umina Woy Woy Peninsula is unique and worthy of protection. 

“We need to strike a balance between access routes for the community and ensuring this ecological community is looked after," Mr Hart said.

“In addition to the works that Council undertakes, local environmental volunteers also dedicate their time to help maintain and preserve the woodland to ensure the unique flora and fauna is around for future generations.

"I invite locals and other interested residents to participate in the consultation and share your thoughts on the management of these areas and the plans to consolidate informal tracks”.

Council is seeking feedback from the community on the proposed plan for consolidating the network of informal tracks and seeking feedback on any other management actions or issues they consider to be impacting UCSW. 

Have your say between 17 March to 14 April at 



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Last updated : Thu 17 Mar 2022