Wednesday, 8 August 2018


Central Coast Council was alerted to a burst water main at The Round Drive, Avoca Beach at approximately 6.20am on Wednesday 8 August.

As this was a large main, a sudden release of water impacted three properties on The Round Drive.

There has been some water damage across the three properties including to the ground floor of property one, the garage of property two and the garden of property three. Residents of these properties were able to remain in their homes.

A Council team is working to repair the main as quickly as possible, which requires the removal of a large tree and for the water supply to be temporarily cut to properties on The Round Drive, Parrendi Close, Kumali Close, Nurragi Close and Baronga Road (approximately 250 residents).

An alternative drinking water supply is available at Hazlett Park, Gill Avenue and Avoca Beach Primary School.

It is expected that water will be restored to all impacted properties by approximately 7pm.

Water main breaks will periodically occur across all water systems and are typically caused by ground and weather conditions, tree roots and third party damage.

Council works to resolve water outages as quickly as possible and apologises for any inconvenience caused when outages do occur.

Council continually monitors the region’s water and sewer system and implements an ongoing renewal program for water and sewer mains.


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Last updated : Tue 28 Aug 2018