Administrator's Column - Beach Parking Proposal - February 15


Monday, 15 February 2021


In surveying the community recently about a proposed rate rise, many suggested alternatives be considered. Overall an average of 10% suggested other savings or revenue options should be found.  

In response to feedback from the community, other revenue options are being explored. 

Last week at the Ordinary Council meeting I requested that Council explore the viability of introducing a visitor-based beach parking system to contribute to defraying of the costs of providing beach and tourist related reservices. 

The Central Coast economy relies heavily on visitors. Over 5 million people visit our region annually, with a large portion attracted to our beaches and beachside centres. 

The Council provides many services to this group and currently they make no direct contribution to cover these costs. 

Ratepayers carry this burden and in the current climate I feel it is important to explore options to collect parking fees from visitors. Any scheme that may be introduced should have a clear exemption for ratepayers.

We see a lot of our popular beaches with a user pay system that protects ratepayers. We do need extra revenue and I’m looking for other revenue sources. 

I’ve requested a report come back to Council in mid-March scoping the administrative cost of establishing a beach parking system that provides protection to ratepayers, projected revenue stream, potential timeline for implementation and potential beaches and beachside centres impacted.


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Last updated : Mon 15 Feb 2021