Maintenance works at Warnervale Airport 


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Thursday, 22 April 2021


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Council manages the Warnervale Airport situated on the Corner of Sparks road & Jack Grant Avenue, Warnervale.

To maintain the safety requirements for aircraft landing and taking off from the airport, and area known as the Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS) should ideally be maintained to ensure there is no encroachment of trees into the OLS.

Council is responsible for maintaining the OLS requirements and has undertaken a tree pruning program (at northern end of the airport) to a achieve their required clearance 3 metres below the 3.3% gradient

Council has engaged qualified contractors, Argonauts Tree Services to undertake the works which are due for completion in early June 2021 (weather permitting).

Prior to undertaking the works Council engaged independent reports on threatened species, both fauna and flora, and developed an Environmental Management Plan to help govern the works . These have been incorporated into detailed environmental control measures and into the contractors own Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) which was in turn reviewed and endorsed by Council’s Environmental Section.

The total area of the OLS is approx. 75,000 m2 with medium/dense trees covering approx. a third of the total area at 25,000 m2.

For further information on this facility, go to our webpage on the Warnervale Aircraft Landing Area.

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