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Wednesday, 11 September 2019

With HSC exams fast approaching, our Library Service are doing their part to reduce stress felt by students and parents thanks to the free online tutoring service, Studiosity.

With just the click of a button, Studiosity provides real-time support from qualified professionals, helping to alleviate the anxiety many students feel when studying alone. What makes Studiosity unique is it employs a strict ‘no answers’ policy, using online chat tools and interactive whiteboards to provide guidance so students gain the necessary skills to solve similar problems in the future.

The best thing about it is students aren’t given the answer, but rather the tools to figure out the answer themselves, developing their problem-solving skills and helping to reinforce what they have learnt.

Studiosity is available for students in years 3-12 from 3pm to late, Sunday to Friday. Simply login with your library card at to get assistance with all core curriculum subjects; for any subjects not listed, select ‘Research’ or ‘Writing feedback’.

Essay and report writing feedback is also available, allowing students to upload files and receive professional advice within 24 hours – perfect for improving English papers.

In addition, library members can gain access to trustworthy authoritative research sites 24/7, which can be referenced for discussion points in English, Modern or Ancient History, Geography papers and more.

Not a member? What are you waiting for? Sign up at and enjoy the FREeDOM!

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Last updated : Mon 16 Sep 2019