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Tuesday, 6 October 2020


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We’re planning to come back with a ‘Live Well’ bang in 2021 and are looking to partner with local businesses and groups to deliver a host of fun, and informative and health focused experiences.

Live Well Week

There will be a week of offerings at local business as we build towards the main festival event.

For Live Well Week we’re looking for workshops and sessions held at local business – anything from yoga to cooking classes, from fitness sessions to workshops on how to improve your wellbeing.

The main Live Well event

The main Live Well Festival event will be built around four key HUBS – Eat, Move, Think and Love Your Earth.

We’re looking for guest speakers to fill the event stages, as well as low to moderate physical activity offerings for the Move Zone and Kids Move Zone.

If you are a health or wellbeing practitioner or have a health focused business on the Coast, we’d love to hear how you could contribute to Live Well 2021.

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Last updated : Tue 6 Oct 2020