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Sunday, 25 April 2021


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Libraries are at the heart of creating liveable, connected and sustainable cities. 

The Gosford Regional Library is set to become a central meeting point for locals and visitors alike, creating a true drawcard to the city centre. 

The vision for the first Regional Library for the Central Coast is to create an iconic building in the heart of the Gosford CBD where our community can connect, create and collaborate.

Library Features

Created over four spacious levels, it will have all the functions you expect from a library but with so much more. There will be space to connect, to learn and to do business with Council. A space for our kids to find a love of literacy through interaction and play. Flexible function space, for special occasions and larger audiences. Breakout spaces on every level for private and collaborative learning or just to relax and take in the views of the city and beyond. A smart work hub for those who want a great place to work without the commute and dedicated meeting rooms, recording studios and exhibition space. Library collections on every subject imaginable in one place. 

The building will act as the central library for the Central Coast, providing:

  • A ‘third space’ for our community
  • A library collection curated for our community
  • Spaces for programs, meetings and events to be held which promote literacy, learning, creativity and knowledge
  • Access to the digital world, allowing access to new and existing technologies
  • Creative spaces that foster connected communities
  • A destination for those interested in our local history
  • A collaborative and inspirational environment, designed to attract a community of like-minded, makers, creators and innovative thinkers and connection for people to technical and professional resources
  • A facility for Central Coast commuters to work closer to home
  • Accessible Council customer service points
  • Flexible spaces for events and activities

Project Funding 

The Gosford Regional Library is being funded through the following funding sources:

Council Special Levy (former Gosford City Council)$8,100,000
Australian Government Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development’s Community Grants Program$7,000,000
Developer Contributions$8,500,000
Council Restrictions $4,100,000

This project would not be possible without the commitment from the Federal Government, as well as from the local community who helped pay for the library over many years through the former Gosford City Council’s special rate levy.

Project Timeline

The development application for the Gosford Regional Library has now been approved by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment.  The next step is to award the tender of the project to begin construction of the new Library.  A report will go to Council on 28 March 2023 with the outcome of the tender process.

The community will be kept updated at every step of the way – with completion expected in 2024.

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