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Monday, 26 August 2019

Attention makers and creators, bargain hunters, recyclers, antique collectors and anyone looking to make a bit of extra cash from clutter around the home!

Host a garage sale or indulge in a spot of guilt-free retail therapy on Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 October as Australia’s biggest weekend of garage sales comes to town.

The national sustainability program is all about reducing waste and connecting neighbours through the simple act of buying and selling second-hand.

With 400,000 Australians expected to participate at over 16,000 garage sales, the event is a great way to declutter, fundraise and meet the neighbours.

Last year more than 10,600 locals and visitors checked out the 301 registered garage sales and stalls that offered more that 52,000 items for sale/reuse! More than $88,000 changed hands, with over $10,000 raised for charities and community groups across the region and the average household pocketing just shy of $300 – not bad for a day’s work!

Remember, your trash could be someone else’s treasure, so if you have something in good condition that you are thinking of throwing out which could instead be sold, join this incredible community movement and register your sale today at

If you’re hosting a sale here are some quick guidelines that apply to how you are allowed to use and display of promotional signage:

  • Promotional signage is not permitted to be erected on any public road under the Roads Act 1993 or any public land under the Local Government Act 1993.
  • Any signage erected on a road or public land may be removed by Council without notice.
  • Garage sale signage and similar event signage may be placed on private property with the permission of the landowner.
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Last updated : Tue 27 Aug 2019