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Wednesday, 11 December 2019


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Council has launched a free Gosford CBD shuttle bus service to make accessing and parking in the city easier.

Over 300 parking spaces have been provided at Adcock Park and Racecourse Road to allow for easy all-day parking. The new ‘easy run’ shuttle will collect passengers from these parking locations and will run approximately every 10 minutes during peak times to take passengers to and from key Gosford CBD locations.

The 'easy run' shuttle bus provides easy access to the Gosford CBD area without the stress of finding suitable all-day car parking.

'easy run' route

  • Adcock Park parking
  • Racecourse Road parking, adjacent to the lower tennis courts
  • Gosford High School, Racecourse Road
  • Opposite Railway Station, Mann Street
  • William Street Mall, Mann Street
  • Donnison Street and Mann Street
  • ATO Building, Georgiana Terrace

Free parking (two locations)

  • Adcock Park, West Gosford (135 spaces)
  • Racecourse Road, West Gosford, adjacent to the lower tennis courts (170 spaces)

Operating weekdays

  • Peak – 6-10am and 3-8pm (approximately every 10 minutes)
  • Off-peak – 10am-3pm (approximately every 20 minutes)

Online bus tracking

Online tracking of bus locations will be available soon.

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