COVID-19 community bulletin #18


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Monday, 28 September 2020


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Your Outdoors

Safe Summer fun

With school holidays on and summer just around the corner, everyone’s keen to head outdoors to enjoy the weather.  With an expected influx of visitors over the school holidays we have put in place plans to keep the Coast COVID-safe.

Please remember, Public Health Orders requiring social distancing and restricting public gatherings to under 20 people still apply outdoors.

New signs are in place at all Town Centres reminding visitors about public health warnings around no large gatherings, social distancing, encouraging mask use and hand sanitation.

Our beaches are among our most popular spots but all beachgoers must follow COVID-safe behaviour. A good way to remember to socially distance there is to keep a towel’s length between you and anyone who doesn’t live with you. If the beach looks crowded, consider coming back at another time or relaxing in a non-beach setting.

Here’s a few ideas to help you enjoy other natural settings:

  • go for a walk or run in your local park
  • ride a bike along a cycleway
  • take your dog for a walk around your neighbourhood
  • kick a ball at a sportsground
  • head bush to hike on a nature trail or to visit a scenic spot.

For more information, search ‘recreation’ on

Your Waste

Bin the 5am waste dash

Have you heard the rattle of the waste collection truck extra early recently and done a pyjama dash to the kerbside only to see the truck driving off into the distance?

Never miss a bin pick-up! Please ensure your waste and recycling bins are placed on the kerbside the night before their scheduled collection. Our waste collection now starts earlier than it did before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. This ensures our waste contractor can be COVID Safe by staggering driver start times to reduce the number of people in the waste depot at any one time. This means that in the case of a COVID incident, the Coast’s waste and recycling collection service won’t be badly affected.

To help the truck drivers do their work quickly and efficiently, please position full bins clear of parked cars, trees and poles.

For more information visit

Your Wellbeing

Reach out for support

Adapting to getting on with life in the new ‘COVID normal’ may be a challenge. Returning to a workplace after months of working from home, visiting a supermarket and seeing people not socially distancing or wearing masks, or simply attending any setting with lots of people around – all can trigger anxiety and distress.

It’s important to acknowledge your feelings rather than trying to ignore them. If they are affecting your wellbeing, please seek help.

We’ve provided a comprehensive list of support services and resources on our website – as well as general mental health support, we’ve also included links for specific issues such as domestic violence, homelessness or practical help. For details, search 'COVID help' at

Exercise and movement is also an important aid to good mental health, helping you to ‘de-stress’ from troubling emotions. We’ve produced several videos to help you increase your physical and mental fitness through exercise and meditation. Search 'exercise' at

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