COVID-19 community bulletin #13


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Monday, 24 August 2020


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Your Business

Bigger Backyard boosts local economy

More than 500 Central Coast businesses have signed up to boost the local economy by committing to buying and sourcing equipment and supplies within the region.

Since its launch in May, the Bigger Backyard program has attracted a total commitment from businesses to spend more than $25million with other local businesses this year. This will have an annual economic impact of more than $77million.

The Bigger Backyard is a business-to-business support campaign encouraging businesses to take a moment before they purchase from outside the region by checking to see if that purchase can support a local business. By pledging to seek local suppliers, businesses can play an active role in stabilising our local economy, stimulate jobs and build a stronger central coast.

It’s not too late to get involved and show your commitment for our employers and workforce – even a small commitment to spend locally means a lot for the wider community.


Your Sport

New rules for community sport

Community sporting competitions can no longer be held across different zones and regions, under new restrictions announced by NSW Health.

The rules came into effect on Wednesday 19 August and are likely to be in place for at least six weeks. They are designed to help prevent the inter-regional community transmission of COVID-19.

There are a number of restrictions on community sports, including:

clubs must have a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place

cease any activities that result in overnight stays, such as multi-day camps

cease face-to-face social activities, such as award ceremonies, dinners or end of season celebrations

avoid car pools or bus travel with people from different household groups

limit spectators to one parent or carer only, when a child requires parental supervision during a sporting activity.

For information about community sports and COVID-19 Safety Plans, visit

Your Safety

Face masks – an extra precaution

With increased community transmission of COVID, the NSW Government recommends people wear a face mask in some situations:

where physical distancing is hard to maintain, i.e. public transport or in shops

settings with a higher risk of transmission, such as for staff of hospitality and customer-facing venues

when attending places of worship.

Disposable masks should only be worn once. If using a reusable cloth mask, it’s important they are:

ideally made from three layers of breathable fabric

washed after each use or at least daily.

When putting on a mask, sanitise your hands and use the straps to place it on your head. Only touch the mask to fit it snugly around your chin and nose.

To take it off, sanitise your hands, move away from other people and remove the mask, avoiding touching eyes, nose or mouth.

Please continue to also stay home if unwell and get tested, maintain 1.5metre social distancing and practise hand hygiene.

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