Closing the loop on mattress waste


  • Matress recycling trial
Tuesday, 17 March 2020


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We’re trialling a new process that recycles 100 percent of mattresses dropped off at Kincumber Waste Management Facility.

During the initial three-month trial we’ve collected and transported 2,240 mattresses or 56 tonnes of mattresses, helping to save a whopping 1,792 cubic metres of landfill!

100% of the mattress materials are reused and recycled to make metals reused as railway wheels, foam repurposed into carpet underlay, material utilised in decorative wall panels and the remaining products, including floc, wood and plastic, processed as biofuel.

We’re now investigating the possibility of extending the trial to our Woy Woy Waste Management Facility in the near future.

The cost to deposit mattresses at our Waste Management Facilities is $26 per mattress in addition to the mixed waste fee. They can picked be up for free through the kerbside collection service available to most households.

Visit for more information on our Waste Management Facility locations and opening hours, or to book a kerbside collection.

To find out more about the trial, read our media release.

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Last updated : Wed 18 Mar 2020